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Borosilicate Split Lens Filters

If any of the following work descriptions fits your activites, please select this item:

  • Lampworking Glass Alchemy, Northstar, Momka or any other COE 33 glass type
  • Pipe making using borosilicate glass
  • Beadmaking and pendant making with borosilicate glass
  • Sculptural work (torch worked) with soft glass
  • Scientific glassworking

The following filters are SPLIT LENS filters, meaning that the lens has two partial coverage shaded filters on it. If you are looking for a full-coverage lens, please click on your BACK button and select 'Borosilicate Lampworking - Full Coverage Filters'.

Please select one of the following filters:

  • AGW-286: Our original split lens filter, features two different filter shades laminated a base lens of Blue Didymium. You can choose from a variety of shade combinations and split location.
  • AGW-325: Our top-of-the-line filter, the AGW-325 combines the best parts of the AGW-300 and AGW-250 filters, with a "clear" fully IR filtering section and a dark shaded filter. You can choose the shade number and split location.

When your filter selection is complete, be sure to select a frame from the link below.

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AGW-286 Filter

The AGW-286 is Aura's original split lens filter, featuring two different shaded filters on the same lens split the way you want.
From $334.95 excl tax

AGW-325 Filter

Our premier top-of-the-line split lens filter features our exclusive "clear" IR filter in combination with the shaded filter of your choice.
From $394.95 excl tax