AGW-250 Filter

A base lens of True Didymium™ glass filter plus your choice of a full coverage welding filter in shades 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.

Aura developed the AGW-250 lens to answer requests for improved infrared radiation protection while also reducing the light level perceived by the eye.

It comprises a base glass lens of our exclusive True Didymium™ with a thin layer of either shade 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 Green Welding (full coverage) laminated to the base lens. This is very desirable when working with high-pressure torches and glass, requiring extremely elevated temperatures. 

Suggested uses are where there is a need for attenuation of bright illumination, such as that generated when working Pyrex®, quartz, Vicor®, platinum jewelry work, and any operation where the artist spends prolonged periods of time gazing into a high-temperature furnace or fire pit.

Quartz workers must use a minimum of Shade 8!

The AGW-250 filter is available in non-prescription (Plano power) and single vision prescription forms only.

Thickness Advisory: This filter is thicker than normal lenses. In non-prescription form, it is approximately 5 mm thick. 

Shade 8 is Custom Made and Not Returnable except for manufacturing defects. 

Protected under the United States Patent Number 6,612,697.

Specifications (Shade 3):

Maximum Visible Light Transmission: 12.4% 
Average (400 to 750 nm) Visible Light Transmission: 5.6% 
Average (751 to 3000 nm) IR Transmission: 4.0% 
ANSI Welding Shade Equivalent: 3.0 approximate

NOTE: Shade 3 filters are *NOT* designed for advanced techniques, such as fuming or intensive flare colors without additional filtration.

Specifications (Shade 4):

Maximum Visible Light Transmission: 11.2% 
Average (400 to 750 nm) Visible Light Transmission: 4.9% 
Average (751 to 3000 nm) IR Transmission: 3.4% 
ANSI Welding Shade Equivalent: 4 approximate

Specifications (Shade 5):

Maximum Visible Light Transmission: 5.7% 
Average (400 to 750 nm) Visible Light Transmission: 2.1% 
Average (751 to 3000 nm) IR Transmission: 1.5% 
ANSI Welding Shade Equivalent: 5 approximate

Picture of AGW-250 - Non-Prescription
AGW-250 - Non-Prescription
AGW-250 Non-prescription lenses. These lenses are available with a 6-base curve which fit most streetwear and sunglass frames, as well as the wrap-style 8-base curve.
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