AGW-286 Filter

The AGW-286 is Aura's original split lens filter, featuring two different shaded filters on the same lens split the way you want. A True Didymium™ filter.

You asked, and we answered! This lens is the latest in our catalog for excellent protection against infrared radiation.

The lens comprises a base of our exclusive True Didymium™ filter with an upper section of Green Welding (Shade 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8), and a lower section of Green Welding (shade 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8). You may have your lenses made 50/50 or one-third/two-thirds. The shades in the standard configuration are light on top and dark on the bottom. The reversed configuration (custom-made, not returnable) is dark on top and light on the bottom. Your choice.

The available shade configurations are:

  • 3/5
  • 3/6
  • 3/8 *Custom made, not returnable*
  • 4/6
  • 4/8 *Custom made, not returnable*
  • 5/8 *Custom made, not returnable*
  • 6/8 *Custom made, not returnable*

This filter is valuable for fuming and other tasks where the brightness of the flame is a problem. It will also lend itself to most borosilicate glasswork where larger sculptural work is done. By tipping your head, you can change the shade number you are viewing through as the brightness of the glass changes.

The AGW-286 filter is available only in non-prescription form only.

Thickness Advisory: This filter is thicker than normal lenses. In non-prescription form, it is approximately 5 mm thick. 

Shade 8 splits are Custom Made and not returnable except for manufacturing defects.

Protected under the United States Patent Number 6,612,697.

Specifications (Shade 4):

Maximum Visible Light Transmission: 11.2% 
Average (400 to 750 nm) Visible Light Transmission: 4.9% 
Average (751 to 3000 nm) IR Transmission: 4.0% 
ANSI Welding Shade Equivalent: 4 approximate

Specifications (Shade 5):

Maximum Visible Light Transmission: 5.7% 
Average (400 to 750 nm) Visible Light Transmission: 2.1% 
Average (751 to 3000 nm) IR Transmission: 1.5% 
ANSI Welding Shade Equivalent: 5 approximate

Picture of AGW-286 - Non-Prescription
AGW-286 - Non-Prescription
AGW-286 Non-prescription lenses. These lenses are available with a 6-base curve which fit most streetwear and sunglass frames, as well as the wrap-style 8-base curve.
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