Blue Didymium Sheet Filter Glass

Blue Didymium cut sheets for use with a camera and/or torch mount.
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Blue Didymium™ is our exclusive soft glass torchworking filter. It is an updated recipe for the old Schott ACE glass. This filter is not sourced from Schott but from one of their competitors. 

A side benefit of this filter is the apparent improvement in judging the color temperature of the glass while working it. The observed color is very comfortable when viewing glowing heat sources for long periods of time.

The sheets are available in 100 mm (4") square and 165 mm (6.5") square. We can cut the 165 mm into rectangles to form 4" x 6.5" or 5" x 6.5" upon request.

These glass sheets are not tempered and will break or shatter if mishandled. All edges and corners have been beveled.

DO NOT expose these sheets to direct torch flame without additional heat filtration. Keep the sheet at least 6" from the flame. Use care when mounting the sheet in a bracket so that the sheet is not pinched or held tightly by screws without cushioning.


Maximum Visible Light Transmission: 86.2 % 
Average (400 to 750 nm) Visible Light Transmission: 44 % 
Average (751 to 3000 nm) IR Transmission: 59.0 %