Cell Phone Camera Kit (Complete)

Cell Phone Camera Kit from Aura features our True Didymium™ filter so you can easily film glassworking operations
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Now you can film glassworking operations with your smartphone, tablet/pad, or laptop without having to worry about burning out the CCD chip in your camera.

It has wide-angle, macro, and fish-eye interchangeable lenses plus a carrying bag. You can use the clip without the additional lenses and use the built-in telephoto capability of your camera.

Features our True Didymium™ sodium flare filter installed in the clip base.

Available in six colors: Black, and Blue

Maximum depth of clip: 25 mm

Parallel width of the clip: 14 mm

Maximum width of the clip: 24 mm

Lens diameter: 22 mm, allows for ease of use over a protective case without having to remove the case.

Lenses are replaceable at the factory in case of breakage/chipping/scratching.

NOTE: This clip-on filter will NOT fit the iPhone 11 (three-lens camera system). We have added an edged didymium filter without a ring in our DLR camera filter page that is sized to fit over the iPhone 11 camera lenses. You will need some double-sided tape or a couple of drops of removable adhesive to mount the lens to your case.