Aura Visual Concepts, Inc. provides protection and filtration eyewear for a variety of activities. These are:

  • Glassworking, including traditional glassblowing and kiln-worked glass, lampworking soft glass, and lampworking borosilicate glass
  • Metalworking, including brazing and forge welding

In this section, -Custom Made/Build Your Own-, we are using an unbundled format: select your activity, then select the filter you want along with any options such as readers, single vision prescription, etc. Then after you have chosen the filter, select the frame you want. We hope this new format will make it easier for you to find and buy the correct eyewear for your needs. If you want a complete package, please hit your Back button and choose from the Packages selections.

We can also custom-fit our lenses into a frame that you supply. Whether you are wearing Oakley™, Bausch and Lomb®, or some other name brand of sunglasses, chances are pretty good we can fit our lenses into your frame. We do have some restrictions on the size of the frame and how the lenses are mounted, so it's always best to contact us via e-mail so we can properly discuss the frame you would like to use. Pictures are always helpful, but if you don't have a picture, send a link to the frame and we can take a look.

The filters shown on each activity page are our recommendations taken directly from our Filter Recommendations (found on our blog pages). We strongly suggest you review this information before selecting and purchasing your eyewear. You will also find additional technical information on our blog: Your eyes, the only pair you will ever have

To get started, please select an activity below, then the filter you'd like from the selection shown.

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