Important - Please Read First

We designed this website with the idea that you have a certain level of understanding of your requirements for protective eyewear. If you have *ANY* questions, we encourage you to e-mail us at

We strongly recommend that you register on the website before selecting frames and lenses to ensure full accessibility to the lens and frame options available.

All the lenses we sell are glass, the ONLY material that can contain 'didymium,' which is why we call our filters 'True Didymium.' 'Didymium' is a combination of two rare earths called neodymium and praseodymium. These two rare earths cannot be made into a dye or smelted into a metallic form to be used as a coating. They can only be incorporated into molten glass. So be cautious of any product that claims that it is "the same as" didymium. It does *NOT* contain didymium in any form if it is a plastic or polycarbonate lens. 

The only true didymium form is glass, and Aura is proud to offer our products as "True Didymium."

Once you know what you want, choose from the menu items across the top of the page or the menu items on the left side:

  • Collections, Packages, and deals: You will find pre-selected complete packages (frame and filter) of our most popular frames and filters, collected into logical groupings, including fit over frame packages.
  • Build your own: As it says, custom select your own combination of filters and frames. This section allows you to order eyewear and customize the filter itself, with the full range of options available for each filter. Select a filter under the 'Find-a-Filter' guide and a frame under 'Find-a-Frame.'
  • Camera Filters: Camera filters, of course!
  • Sports Frame Parts: all the replacement parts for our sports frames can be found here.
  • Spectacle Accessories: Head cords, replacement cases, etc.
  • Upgrade and Warranty Programs: details the two special programs we have available for Nectar frames and the old Zoom (and prior) sports goggles.
  • Trade-in Program: details the coverage for trading in your old filter spectacles.

We can custom fit our lenses into a frame that you supply. However, we are taking a stricter approach to the frames we accept. For example, thin-rim and certain sunglass frames are no longer accepted without prior approval as we cannot guarantee that the lenses will fit properly in the frame because of the lens retention rim found on the backside of the lens bevel in the frame.

We ask that frames sent into us for filter insertion be capable of handling a prescription thickness lens. This means that frames should be prescription-style instead of sunglass-style.

We also have some restrictions on the size of the frame and how the lenses are mounted (these are noted in the selection for "Your Frame"), so it's best to contact us via e-mail and properly discuss the frame you would like to use. Of course, pictures are always helpful, but if you don't have a picture, send a link to the frame, and we can look.

If you would like us to install our lenses into your supplied frame, click on the 'Find-A-Frame' icon and select 'Your Frame' for the frame selection. Finish the checkout (including registration if necessary), pack up your frame, and send it to us with a copy of your order.

SPECIAL NOTE: We DO NOT warranty supplied frames (a frame you send to us). You are supplying them at YOUR RISK. We will always make our best effort to ensure that we safely handle the frames, but we cannot guarantee that they will stay that way once they leave our hands.

If you buy one of our frames, click on any frame-line icon to see that list of frames. You can narrow the selection in each grouping by filtering by Frame Style, Frame Material, Spring Hinges, and Face Fit.

That's all there is to it.

Thank you for selecting Aura Visual Concepts as your filter eyewear provider!