Metalworking Filters

If any of the following work descriptions fit your activities, please select this item:

  • Forge work, including forge welding
  • High Sodium cutting or welding
  • Brazing
  • Artisan metalworking including torch enameling and kiln enameling

Please select one of the following filters:

  • True Didymium: Do you have a problem with sodium flare (yellow glare) while you are working? This filter solves it. If you've been looking for didymium or ACE filters, this is the replacement. A 'True Didymium' filter.
  • AGW-300: Solve multiple problems with one lens. Excellent for dark work areas. It cuts sodium flare AND fully filters IR (heat energy). A 'True Didymium' filter.

When your filter selection is complete, be sure to select a frame from the link below.

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