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If you have a pair of broken frames, or broken lenses because the frame broke, please place your repair order here. Scroll down to read the process description.
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Our warranty states:

If you are a distributor or a retail customer, you assume the risk when you supply frames to us, as they are not covered.

Period of warranty: AUR® and AGW® branded products have a lifetime limited warranty.

If an individual frame within a category has been discontinued, Aura will replace the broken frame with a new frame from the same category. If an entire category has been discontinued, the purchaser may upgrade the frames and lenses to the replacement category for a $75.00 charge. Aura Visual Concepts, Inc. will replace any lenses which break due to frame defects. 

This warranty excludes damage from misuse, normal wear and tear, exposure to flying particles, and streetwear. This warranty excludes significant impact damage in all models, except for the Z87 safety frame series. Eyewire and temple screws, nose pads, and other consumable products are not covered under this warranty. Each user is responsible for all daily maintenance of the eyewear.

The factory must verify all requests for warranty repair. Submitting this repair order DOES NOT guarantee that your repair will be done free of charge. We will contact you if we have questions or the repair request does not qualify for our warranty.

Fill out the form below to submit your request, then package your frame and filters carefully with plenty of packing materials. Send the repair, along with a copy of this order to:

Aura Visual Concepts
2060 High Drive
Sauk Rapids MN 56379-2638


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