Use your own frame!

Of course, you can! 


Frames **MUST** be in good condition, lenses must be mounted in full metal or plastic rim (no string or drill mounts please!)

We are taking a stricter approach to the types of frames we will accept moving forward. Thin-rim and black rubber-coated frames are no longer accepted without prior approval as we cannot guarantee that the lenses will fit properly in the frame due to the lens retention rim found on the backside of the lens bevel in the frame.

We ask that frames sent into us for filter insertion be capable of handling a prescription thickness lens – this means that frames should be prescription-style instead of sunglass-style.

SPECIAL NOTE: Frames supplied to us by you are not warrantied. You are supplying them at YOUR RISK. We will always make our best effort to ensure that the frames are handled safely and correctly, but we cannot guarantee that they will stay that way once they leave our hands.

The maximum measurement of lens opening is 68 mm. This measurement is called the ED or Effective Diameter and is the longest diagonal measurement of the frame opening, usually from the upper nasal (nose side) of the frame lens opening to the lower temporal (ear side). Alternately, if you can pop a lens out of the frame, measure its longest length. 

Send your frame with a copy of the order to:

Aura Visual Concepts, Inc.
51 - 8th Street North
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

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